608 Wine Dinner Next Wed. 9/7 6:30

Just around the corner, 608 will be hosting its second dinner event. This one will feature 7 courses prepared by Chef William Eick of 608 paired with wines from the Wine Weirdos.

Limited seating so call 608 at 760-291-1040 or email Chef Willy at william@608missionfood.com

I have been to three pairing dinner put on by Chef willy in the past and all have been knockouts, so I plan to be at this one as well.

More info and the menu below…..

608 wine dinner

608 Restaurant

Wine Weirdos

The Miller’s Table, Opening Next Week ~ Oceanside

The Miller’s Table Wine Bar is running a Friend’s and Family soft opening this weekend in preparation for a public soft opening next Thursday, September 1st. 

Millers Table sign

The Miller’s Table ~ 514 South Coast Highway, Oceanside.

The wine bar will be open 11am till 9pm serving wine by flights, glass, and bottle as well as an assortment of craft beer. The menu features an array of bites, sandwiches, and salad centering around locally sourced produce, artisan meats, and cheeses.

Table setting

Preparing for guests.

miller's table menu

Friends and Family sharing menu. This menu was designed as a shared plates menu for the guests to try an assortment of food.


Farmer’s Market and Panzanella Salads for two. Normally these would be plated and served individually.


Shared Sandwich Plate ~ Autostrada sandwich, Roast beef sandwich, white bean crostini, and pickled fennel with orange.

The Line Crew

Tim and Josh holding down the line.

The opening will feature a paired down version of the full menu as tweaks and trials play out.  In the long run, the menu will be fluid and constantly be changing as will the selection of wines.

The Miller’s Table

514 South Coast Highway, Oceanside

608 & Wine Weirdos Upcoming 7 Course Wine Dinner ~ Oceanside

608 Restaurant in Oceanside is partnering with Wine Weirdos to bring you a 7 course Wine Tasting Dinner Wednesday, September 7th at 6:30pm.

Taste 7 wines previously featured on WineWeirdos along with 7 paired courses specially designed by Chef Willy Eick for the dinner.

Tickets are $99 pp and seating will be limited.

Contact “Willy” at 608 missionfood.com to reserve your spot

608 wine dinner


608 mission Ave. Oceanside, CA

Wine Weirdos’ YouTube Channel

Living Earth Systems’ Farm To Table Dinner @ Golden Coast Mead ~ Oceanside

Part dinner event, part biology and science class, living Earth System’s farm to table dinner proved different than any other event dinner I have previously attended (and I have attended quite a few).

Living Earth Systems specializes in sustainable farm design. Their goal is to educate and inspire people to create a lifestyle that is both good for them as well as the planet. Teaching composting, aquaponics, and farming, living Earth Sytems is headed up by Eddy and Sam. Both of them have impressive backgrounds in sustainable farm design.

Eddy, Grew up on Molokai and Maui, Eddy has over 30 years of experience living off-grid. His deep connection to nature has taught him fundamental truths that are woven into Living Earth Systems. Observation, Consistency, and Stewardship.

Sam, graduated from the University of Michigan in Physics and Environmental Science, Sam received her Permaculture Design Certification in 2012 before apprenticing for 2 years in Regenerative Systems Design with Maui New Earth.

Sam is also heads up marketing for Golden Coast Mead in Oceanside. Golden Coast Mead is the only maker of mead in Southern California, with tasting rooms in Oceanside and Julian. you can read more about them here.

Golden Coast Mead

Golden Coast Mead 4089 Oceanside Blvd. Suite H Oceanside, Ca. (soon to be moving to Suite G in the building facing the main parking lot.)

The night started out with some refreshing mead and an introduction to the process of mead production.

Golden Coast Mead Cucumber

I started off with something that was not going to be served at the dinner, a cucumber-infused mead. The base was their orange blossom mead. It had a light refreshing taste.

Golden Coast Mead Brewery tour

Mead brewer Chris kicked off the festivities with insite into the mead making process.

Golden Coast Mead Dinner starts

Making our way across the way into the, soon to be opened, new tasting room, everybody settled in. I was lucky enough to sit across from an interesting, intelligent young woman, who showed up with a box of beetles for the farm. (+10,000 ” I want to talk to this person” bonus points).

Golden Coast Mead Max on farming

Eddy, in between courses, explained many aspects of truly self-sustainable farming. Here he talks about aquaponics, and the micro eco-system they create and function off of.

A lot of the people at the dinner were home farmers themselves. When I say home farmers, I mean the type of home based farmers that have 1500 sq. foot greenhouses at their home in Vista. This made the dinner an interactive classroom.

Before I start going over dishes, I want to say that Eddy and Sam are not professional chefs. They are extremely talented cooks with a lot of passion and access to great ingredients. Everything came from their farm with the exception of the grass fed beef, which came from neighboring farm Eden Tropics in Fallbrook and olive oil that was sourced from Temecula Olive Oil Company. Because they do not grow any on their land, none of the dishes contained any grains. truthfully the food was better and more interesting than a lot of Chef’s dinners (with professional Chefs) that I have attended.

Golden Coast Mead Salad

Farm Salad ~ Arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, lambsquarter (aka goosefoot or pigs weed), and a home-made ginger beer herb vinaigrette with rosemary and marjoram.

A great light start to the meal. You could taste the earth in the greens and tomatoes.

Golden Coast Mead Sour

The 1st course was paired with Golden Coast Meads Brett Sour. I loved this mead, I’m big into sour anything right now, meads, beers, patch kids.

Golden Coast Mead Second course

Potatoes ~ Swiss chard, lemon grass-pesto, sweet peppers, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, macadamias, and Hawaiian salt.

Another great dish, with a nice bite from the garlic. This was paired with a non-alcoholic soda of cantaloupe, blood orange, and stevia.

Golden Coast Mead Third Course

Play on Vegetarian Lasagna ~ Baked eggplant, butternut squash, goat cheese mozzarella, goat cheese brie, homemade tomato sauce, and things in my notes I could not make out.

Though the dish had a lot of ingredients it all worked very well together. Another hit. Paired with an interesting Herbs-de-Provence mead.

Golden Coast Mead Grass fed beef

Grass Fed Beef ~ Brisket and tenderloin (cooked low and slow for 10 hours), carrots, potatoes, rosemary, thyme, marjoram, and fennel flowers.

Melt in your mouth beef, flavor full broth, and perfectly cooked vegetables, enough said.

This was Paired with a very good and unique Chocolate and chipotle mead. There was just a hint of chocolate with the chipotle coming through in the finish.

Golden Coast Mead dessert

Dessert ~ Tartlet with a macadamia nut base, honey, fig, with raw cows milk whip cream. Macadamia nuts, and fresh local honeycomb.

Great way to finish a spectacular meal and interesting evening.

There was a lot of information passed along, too much for me to relay here. I would highly suggest checking out Living Earth Systems website and facebook page. Below I am going to include a few pics of things they are doing I think are cool (out of the hundreds).



Their living biological swimming pool. No chlorine or other chemicals.


Vetiver grass nature’s erosion killer and a cornerstone in creating mineral rich natural soil.

To see future events and learn tons more about what they do and can help you do, please visit them on their sites here….

Living Earth Systems Facebook


For more info on Mead visit  Golden Coast Mead




Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen ~ Carlsbad

After a morning at the Oceanside Social Security office, which went surprisingly fast, I decided to grab lunch at a place that had been on my visit list for a long time.

Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen has been around for a couple of years located in the Plaza Paseo Real at the corner of Aviara and El Camino real. The concept is similar to Tender Greens, providing fresh, mostly regionally sourced food, in an upscale, fast casual environment.

tin leaf ext

Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen ~ 6985 El Camino Real #108, Carlsbad.

Tin Leaf has done well enough serving lunch and dinner that they opened a sister restaurant “Beach Plum Kitchen”, which serves breakfast and early lunch, in the upper level of the same plaza.

The service at Tin Leaf is counter order, with the food brought to your seat. They also serve wine and beer.

tin leaf int

Counter Service ~ not my photo. Photo by Jana M.

tin leaf salad

Mixed Field Green Salad ~ Greens, tomato, cucumber, balsamic vinaigrette.

Nice, fresh salad with a good dressing. I had wanted to order an add-on salad instead of the full but there was some miss communication. I decided to roll with it because I like my greens.

tin leaf tri-tip

Santa Maria tri-tip, spicy Asian green beans, and curried couscous salad.

This was a great meal. the Tri-tip was tender and a perfect medium rare and while my protein is usually the first thing to disappear off the plate, this time, it was the sides. I loved both the beans and the couscous, fresh and full of flavor.

Usually, my friend and I hit up Notorious Burgers before seeing a movie at the nearby Cinopolis theater. We will probably alter back and forth now with Tin Leaf.

Tin Leaf Fresh Kitchen

6985 El Camino Real, Carlsbad.

11am – 9pm

Senor Grubby’s ~ Carlsbad

So, a few posts back I visited  The Taco Stand in Encinitas. I had written I thought it was a bit better than Grubby’s in Carlsbad. In order to be fair and due to the fact it had been a while since eating at Grubby’s I thought I would re-visit them in order to maintain journalistic integrity. Really,  I was just in Carlsbad and craving tacos:).

Grubby's ext

Senior Grubby’s ~ 377 Carlsbad Village Dr., Carlsbad

Grubby's int 1

They have expanded a bit since I was last in adding a patio bar area in the back.

Grubby's kitchen

large, open, and clean kitchen area.

They have expanded their menus as well. Both the drink and food menus sport a lot more options.

I went for a trio of Tacos. Two off their “Gastronomo” taco menu and one off their “Traditional” menu.

Grubby's Tacos 1

(From the top clockwise.) Carnitas ~ Guacamole, onion, and cilantro.  Home Smoked Honey Jalapeno Pork Belly ~ Guacamole, cilantro, and onions.  Duck Chicharrones ~ Avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, Manchego cheese.

To start off the pork belly taco was insane. The pork had a great smokey flavor and not too much fat. Five content kittens rating…5 cats

The Duck Skin Chicharrones taco was great as well. Crispy flavorful fried duck skin with the perfect amount of toppings.

The Carnitas was a perfect example of what it was supposed to be.

Another thing I like about Grubby’s is their salsa bar. They serve really good homemade salsas in a range of styles and heat levels. I used their Verde salsa ( medium heat) on the two pork tacos and the second hottest red salsa (forgot the name, pretty hot)) on the Chicharrones.

The street tacos at Grubby’s are true to street taco size and price $2.55 to $3. So, I went back for more since my first tacos were great.

Round 2 ( I did circuit training in the morning).

Grubby's Tacos 2

Grilled Fish Taco (L) and Shrimp Diablo Taco (R)

Both tacos came with their appointed proteins plus pico de gallo, cabbage slaw, and a chipotle cream sauce.

The shrimp taco was good but the fish in the fish taco lacked flavor and acid. Neither were in the class of the first round of tacos.

So, after a revisit, I would put Grubby’s in the same league as The Taco Stand, at least on what I experienced. Both places are different though and the made to order fresh tortillas at The Taco Stand do add another element. Yet, the pork belly I had at Grubby’s was killer.

Coin toss.

Senor Grubby’s

377 Carlsbad Village Dr., Carlsbad


Carlsbad Update & Newly Opened.

Was in Carlsbad and figured I would Check in on where projects stood and try out a new coffee bar / roaster.

First, on the 2700 hundred block of State street, Baba Coffee is just awaiting final sign-offs on permits and looks ready to start serving.

Baba Coffee Int.jpg

The space is cute with a nice open front. As the sign says they are still hiring Baristas. Email stevesd@gmail for hiring info.

Baba Coffee ext

Baba Coffee has a great store front. Campfire continues to press forward …


Still, a long way  to go. They do have a floor poured :0

How I feel about Campfire:)

Also stopped by the recently opened Sleeping Tiger Coffees.

Sleeping Tiger Ext

Sleeping tiger Coffees is located inside Witch Creek Winery in Carlsbad Village. The owner who also runs Paon, 83 degrees and Barrio has been roasting his own coffee for those establishments for a while. They recently opened up Sleeping Tiger Coffees, serving their own roasts.

Sleeping Tiger int.jpg

Huge coffee roaster.

Sleeping Tiger int.2

Still in early stages, no menu except their roasts for the day. I asked for an Iced of one of their roasts but for some weird reason, that was not available. Pour over coffee, shaken with ice is pretty standard for a serious coffee shop. Instead, I settled for an espresso over Ice. The coffee was fine, I had it black as I do when tasting a coffee for the first time. The roast was a bit bitter. There are about 10 things that can attribute to this from water to temp and roast time. I’d give them some time before comparing them to revolution, banana Dang!, or Lofty. Not bad by any means, though.

Sleeping Tiger Coffees 

2906 Carlsbad Blvd. Carlsbad

Inside Witch Creek Winery


2725 State Street

Baba Coffee

2727 State Street




The Miller’s Table Wine Bar getting Closer to Opening ~ Oceanside (and what I had for lunch)

So, The Miller’s Table is getting closer to opening in the space that previously housed Blvd. Chinese Kitchen at 514 South Coast Highway.

Millers Table sign

I like the sign and the carry over of blue into the interior.

Millers Table intThe staff is hired and finishing touches to the interior are proceeding.

If you have seen the Blvd space it is “interesting” and I think she has done a good job with the transformation.

The owner, Staci Miller’s concept is for a  wine bar based around flights, though wines will be available by the bottle and glass as well. While offering small plates, cheese, Charcuterie, pickled items, as well as salads and sandwiches. Buying in small batches will allow the wine menu to change often and seasonally, in order to keep things interesting and fresh.

Staci has a strong culinary background and just through talking with her I found her background is impressive.

More to come as things progress:)

Left my credit card at 608 yesterday so while retrieving it I was forced:) to have their burger for lunch. I think it was the only thing on the menu I had not tried.

608 Burger

608 burger ~ The mix of 50% dry aged steak in the patty and fresh Brioche bun from Petite Madeline just kill it.

This Weeks Upcoming Food Events ~ Oceanside

Two great food events coming up this week.

First a great Farm to Table Dinner @ Golden Coast Mead

Tickets: ~ Here

gold coast mead farm to table dinner

“We’ve been doing a ton of harvesting for our farm to table dinner this Thursday. All of the vegetables, fruits, honey, and herbs we’ll be using in the meal are grown by us in Fallbrook. Macadamia nuts from an organic farmer friend in vista. Grassfed beef from a fruit orchard 20 minutes from Fallbrook. Olive oil from a local sustainable olive farm. You may not be familiar with Golden Coast Mead – mead is alcohol made simply from honey, and drinks like a sparkling wine. The farm-to-table meal includes mead. The company is owned by Fallbrook resident, Frank Golbeck, and we’ll be serving the entire meal at their tasting room in Oceanside. With the meal we will also be giving a presentation on regenerative farming practices and aquaponics. There are a few tickets left, and we are giving 15% discount for groups of 4 or more people. You can purchase your tickets here:”

No grains because we can’t get them local, and all sugar is from fruits from our trees and honey from our hives :)”

Also, cute animals, live music, wine, and Sushi at Wrench and Rodent Aug. 21st


Belching Beaver Grand Opening & So Rich Chocolates ~ Oceanside / Double Post.

So, trekked my way up to the Grand opening of Belching Beaver’s new brew house and tap-room in Oceanside. I do mean trekked, I took the train to the College station and walked a mile up Avenida Del Oro to their location at 1334 Rocky Point Dr., Oceanside.


They have had a soft opening earlier in the month, but this was the official grand opening. I had hoped to get there early and avoid the crowds (there was no avoiding the crowds)

Belching beaver oceansude

Belching beaver oceanside

belching beaver oceanside 4

belching beaver oceanside 3

There was already a line for beer out the door when I got there. They should have had one bartender handling the line and the rest helping people seated or coming up for refills. Still, everything got handled.

Batch 1 sour

To accompany the grand opening they brought out a new American Blonde Sour, called batch 1. Created by Peter Perricone the beer was aged in French oak wine barrels for 9 months on a pound per gallon of raspberries. This is only available at the Oceanside location and extremely limited.

I loved this Sour ( Sours are my new jam ). Light perfect hot weather beer. I bought a bottle as a special occasion beer…which did not make it to Monday:)

Also at the grand opening were the delightful and talented women of So Rich Chocolates.

belching beaver so rich chocolates

So Rich Chocolates specialize in making handcrafted chocolates specifically to pair with beer, wine, and spirits. You will find them at local breweries and wine events throughout north county. In fact, they will be at Stone Brewing’s anniversary party Aug. 19th 20th for a chocolate and cigar pairing. It’s sold out, so if you managed tickets say hello and try some of their delicious creations.

Owners Jona Nilson and Toni Howe both come from culinary backgrounds working in confectionary. They met while Toni was working for Le Creuset and started up a craft chocolate business based out of Vista, Ca.


Said owners and chocolatiers.

src 1

I am not a huge sweets person, yet I can appreciate great chocolate when I come across it due to talking and learning from talented Chefs like Beau Bonham, and Christine Loyola, as well as working for a major confections company in my 20s. These ladies are legit.

src 2

Chocolate knows no age barrier.

src truffle

White Chocolate Salted Honey Caramel Truffle. Made to pair with double and triple IPAs. I also recommend their Cucumber Melon truffle.

src truffle to go

My to go purchase, two dark chocolate ginger, and two dark chocolate raspberry truffles.

Belching Beaver Brewhouse and Tap-Room

1334 rocky Point Dr., Oceanside

So Rich Chocolates

@ north county breweries and wine events near you.

A monthly calendar of “where” and “when”  is available on their website.