Lunch at The Privateer Coal Fire Pizza, Oceanside

privateer logo 2 Privateer CapresePrivateer Rolled Tacos

While the Privateer specializes in coal fired gourmet pizza they also offer a range of appetizers and daily specials. This is what I went for as I wanted to sample a few items on the menu. I had the Caprese Salad and the Mahi Mahi rolled tacos (pictured above). I try not to “review” restaurants I feature, mainly if it is here it is an example of a place that meets the requirements that are “Local, Chef and ingredient driven with quality food”. Saying that, I do mention things if I must and these rolled tacos were ones I needed to point out. I can honestly say these were the best rolled tacos I have ever had, this by someone who grew up in So. Cal. by the way.They were crisp, not greasy and the filling of Mahi Mahi was cooked perfectly. It was juicy, flavorful and there was enough of it that it was not overpowered by the tortilla or toppings. They came with a version of tartar sauce that was more like a thin Crème fraîche than a standard tartar sauce, which again worked without over powering the fish. Did I mention I really liked them:)

The Privateer Coal Fire Pizza 1706 S. PCH Oceanside, Ca 92054

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