Earthgrown Market Returns to Oceanside


Earthgrown Market sprang from the Boney’s – Sprouts – Wild Oats growth, expansions, and buy-outs. It took over the Boney’s location in Oceanside at 1820 Oceanside Blvd a few years back and re-branded itself Earthgrown Market

Earthgrown, like Boneys and Sprouts, focused on providing fresh local and Organic produce at great prices. They also featured a great deli and an affordable and interesting wine section. Earlier this year they closed rather abruptly with the promise to reopen later in the year at an undisclosed location.

Frazier Farms, another local produce driven market out if Vista CA, announced its intent to take over the vacated space, with plans to open sometime in early 2014.

Happily, Earthgrown has settled on its new location and the site is undergoing construction. The market will be located at the corner of El Camino Real and Oceanside Blvd. in the building that once housed the Family Billiards Center. It is not only great news that Earthgrown will be back in the area but I also believe opening in that location will do wonders for the plaza, which except for the great Mariscos Ensinada restaurant, has been a tenant graveyard for years.

2 thoughts on “Earthgrown Market Returns to Oceanside

    • I am independent of Eartgrown I just featured them in my blog because like you I miss them being in the area. They said via their facebook Mid Nov. ……It’s almost mid December and after walking by the other day I would say early January. I opened and remodeled big box stores for 6 years and they could pull it off by Christmas but it would take a lot of man power and a week of overnighters to finish up all the detail work.

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