Catalina Offshore Products Shopping Trip with Chef Davin Waite

Catalina Offshore Products Trip copy

I had the pleasure of driving down to Catalina Offshore Products with Chef Davin Waite of Wrench & Rodents Seabasstropub on one of his twice weekly excurssions to pick up fresh off the boat product for his restaurant.

Catalina Offshore Products began over 30 years ago with owner Dave Rudy Diving for Sea Urchin by day and processing and selling out of his home by night. Today they are considered one of the top if not the top seafood proveyor in San Diego and the go to place by local chefs for quality product.

While there we picked up a number of great items for the menu, local spiny lobster, yellowtail, smoked scallops, and the belly and ribs of this little baby.

Grouper A 5 foot Mexican grouper. The ribs would be marinated in a spicy chili soy mixture then smoked and presented much like a rack of lamb would (You can see the finished dish here). The remaining belly would be cured for grouper pastrami.

It was a great trip and a great learning experience. It’s nice to know chefs like Davin who are not only committed and excited about the dishes they are creating but also the product they are using. I’ll have a post up about Seabasstropub in a bit.

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