Haggo’s Organic Tacos – A little hole in the wall (In this case gate in the fence) Leucadia

Haggo’s is located right on Coast Highway 101 in Leucadia, CA. It is essentially a stationary food truck surrounded by a relaxing eclectic little garden. Perfect place on a nice day to sit back relax and enjoy quality organic Cal-Mexican food. They are open Tues through Sunday 11AM – 3PM.


The Menu consists of Tacos and Burritos either a le carte or plates with rice and beans. They come in veggie, pollo, steak, or grilled fresh fish of the day.

I had the pollo taco (Citrus soy marinated organic free-range chicken, sautéed seasonal
organic veggies, organic cumin-lime crema, organic green leaf
lettuce, organic tomato & cilantro, and avocado) and the Azul taco (Citrus soy marinated organic grass-fed beef, sautéed organic mushrooms & onions, organic cabbage slaw, organic blue cheese & cilantro, and avocado).


On both tacos you could taste the quality of the ingredients. While both were great the pollo really shined with everything working together perfectly. The rice and beans were cooked perfectly, being organic and not cooked in lard they did need the salsa to add some moisture.


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