Gauchito Grill San Marcos, CA

So I’m on a South American kick right now and why not? I was lucky enough to come across three really good South American restaurants here in North County. This one is a little east of my normal coverage zone but exceptions will be made.

Gauchito Grill is a little strip mall restaurant (though it is a nice strip mall) about the same size as a normal taco shop. Pretty unassuming exterior, clean simple interior. Located in a business park in San Marcos.


Gauchito Grill serves Argentinian cuisine including empanadas, grilled meats,sandwiches and salads. They serve only 100% grass fed, free range steaks, and all natural chicken.

They serve 9 styles of empanadas available either baked or fried.

Spicy Beef Empanada ~ Onions, scallions, olives, hard-boiled eggs, cumin, red crushed pepper and paprika with a blend.

Bleu Cheese Empanada ~ Celery, walnuts, jack, mozzarella and bleu cheese.


Vacio (Sirloin) ~ 10 oz grass fed sirloin, sweet potato fries, organic salad w/ apple dressing, and house made chimichurri.

*note ~ steak was cooked perfectly as ordered (rare) and was a steal at $14.95 with sides for the quality of the meat and execution.

Gouchito Grill

133 North Twin Oaks Valley Road #102
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 891-0817


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