Truffle Trike Oceanside

The Truffle Trike is a gourmet food cart based in Oceanside, CA selling hand-made chocolate truffles. It sets up shop at restaurants, breweries, businesses, and special events throughout San Diego County and can be tracked via its facebook page.

Truffle Trike Chef Beau Bonham

The Truffle Trike is the brain child of Chef Beau Bonham who started the concept earlier this year. Beau is a So. Cal native. Born in San Diego, and grew up in Vista and Oceanside, having family ties there dating back to the late 1940’s. A graduate of the CCA in baking and pastry, where he later taught intro to baking as an assistant instructor, ee later worked as Pastry Chef for the original Whole Foods in SF, Henry’s Farmers Market, and Petite Madeline before Setting out on his own journey to make his mark as a Pastry Chef and Chocolatier and using the Truffle Trike as a springboard, conversation starter, networking tool, exercise machine, and fun business idea!

Truffle Trike Truffle Selection

The cart boasts a rotating menu of flavor combinations.

Truffle Trike Truffles

Truffles (left to right) ~ Champagne, deep vanilla, hoisin & sesame, blueberry & thyme, and spiced honey.

Truffle Trike Two Truffles

Truffle Trike Truffle Blueberry and Thyme

Truffle Trike Truffle Filling

If you come across the Truffle Trike, or better yet track it down via Facebook, spend some time talking to Chef Beau. You’ll learn a lot about the art of chocolate and food in general, plus you get some really great truffles.

* note ~ Having recently visited Dallman Fine Chocolates while in San Diego and picking up a box of their truffles, I would say these are the same calibre. The Dallman truffles have a thinner, crisper chocolate coating while the Truffle Trike’s are more soft and creamy. Both are top quality in their ingredients and flavor.

Truffle Trike
Through out San Diego County
(especially North County)

Chef: Beau Bonham

Cuisine: Gourmet Truffles

Truffle Trike Facebook

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