Craftsman New American Tavern ~ Encinitas

The Craftsman New American Tavern is the sister restaurant to Blue Ribbon Pizza, both located in Encinitas and owned by Wade and Kristi Hageman.

Wade ,who was formerly executive Chef an Blanca in Solana Beach, brought in ex-Blanca Souse Chef Marlaw Seraspi to oversee the kitchen. Craftsman’s menu is made up of new american comfort food like slow smoked BBQ, house made sausage, burgers and a dozen or so gourmet salads and sandwiches. The focus is on house made products and use of quality ingredients. They also feature 16 ,mostly local, beers on tap as well as craft cocktails and a well thought out (though a bit pricey) wine list.

The restaurant occupies the space that previously housed Savory at 267 N. El Camino Real Encinitas, Ca. The interior has been opened up for a more spacious feel and finished with warm wood tones (sorry I spaced on taking an interior photo).


On my visit I had the BBQ plate with brisket and pork butt. The meat is smoked in cherry and oak and has a nice visible ring around the edge from the smoking. It comes with two sauces on the side one Tangy and one sweet, of which a little bit of is needed to provide a bit of extra moisture. The platter comes with beans, coleslaw, Tavern pickles and onions, and potato bread as side dishes. All made in-house the coleslaw and pickles were the standouts amongst the sides.


BBQ Platter ~ Smoked brisket and pork butt, beans, coleslaw, potato bread, and Tavern pickles and onions (they’re propping up the bread)

Craftsman New American Tavern

267 N. El Camino Real

Encinitas, CA 92024




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