Michel Roux Jr ~ My favorite Chef

My Favorite Chef is Michel Roux Jr. He is Chef Patron of the two star Le Gavroche in Mayfair (London).

Michel Roux and restaurant

Le Gravroche interior

It was the first restaurant in London to be awarded 3 Michelin Stars. It was later down graded to 2 Michelin Stars 2 years after Michel took over the restaurant from his Father and Uncle Albert and Michel Roux. On the loss of the third star Michel said “Certainly I would love three stars. I believe in the system and the recognition would be wonderful. But I am not cooking that style of food. There are dishes that are worthy of it but my style really doesn’t suit that status.” 


Sesame Crisps with Marinated Grapes.

Le Gravroche dish

le-gavroche dessert

Tarte Chocolat aux Framboises (Recipe Video)

In addition to his talent as a Chef I love his demeanor. I have seen him countless times on British TV, Cooking Videos, and documentaries. He holds dishes to an extremely high standard. Even when being critical of something or someone you can tell it comes from a place of passion for quality and the craft. You may hear him raise his voice during service saying “come on you (or we) are better than that”. What you will not see is him throw a plate on the ground and yell “get out you donkey”. You can also tell he is genuinely warm and cares about people.

I have never met him personally only eaten his food and watched anything he is involved in. Still enough to claim him as my favorite.

Shows worth watching featuring Michel Roux Jr

Michel Roux’s Service

Masterchef: The Professionals UK (Nothing like the bastardized US version of Masterchef)

best bet to watch them are torrent sites unless you have a UK Proxy Server. (or You Tube)

Note ~ when I visited Le Gavroche I did not have a camera so all pics are off Google Images.


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