Things You should Check Out ~ Eat Drink Craft San Diego

I want to introduce you to a great website that covers food , craft beer, and art in San Diego. Through out the year we will be teaming up to bring things on the afore mentioned topics to light and share them with you. Check out the website eat drink craft and be prepared to hear more from its creator here as well.

eatdrinkcraft logo

June started eat.drink.craft. as a labor of love, focusing on sustainable food and craft beer.  The blog has since expanded to include other passions – crafting and music, including local band and song reviews, her photography, and writing.  Having lived in San Diego for 5 years and counting, she’s seen the burgeoning craft beer and food scene grow and continues to be excited at its development.  Currently residing in the North Park neighborhood, she focuses her time in the Uptown area that surrounds her, spending her time at the new cafe Young Hickory or at her neighborhood brewery on Thorn Street.

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