Oceanside ~ One Month Into The New Year

Goings in on Oceanside’s First Week of Feb.

So the first month of the year was such a win for Oceanside’s Art and food scene. A big part of it was the hard work (a lot of it for free) of the Chefs, Artists, and Small Business Owners in the city. The non-profits Mainstreet Oceanside, Hillstreet Country Club, North County LGBTQ Recourse Center and the for profits too.

I think what the big lesson was is that the success and the people involved in making it happen are about building a community .  People who are passionate about something, Art, Food, Music, whatever and want to support  those with equal passion.

I hope I have done my goal which was to feature said people. The huge bonus for me was now I know all said people. OK, so that’s my Rant; here is a great thing to do on a Tuesday evening.

652 (1)

Feb. 4th Mainstreet Oceanside Mixer and Art Walk.

This is a great way to meet people involved in Oceanside and get involved yourself.

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