Saturday Night Booze Brothers ~ Dessert and Beer

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSo I have an OK camera…but while this place is awesome the lighting does not lend itself to photos I really need a mirrorless SL yep that one samsung. OK that is my camera rant. Lets talk food

offerings & notes from rogue pastry chef

beau-daniel Bonham

lemon butter shortbread with rosemary and razz:

pair with: Lazy Bill’s Lager

crisp Pilsner qualities contrast the buttery shortbread. acidity of lemon and razz remind us of Summer brews, and the hint of rosemary brings forward the herbal qualities of the hops

poached pear with cajeta:

pair with: Green Eyed Amber

slightly sweet pear brings out the fruit tones in this brew, while the acid, sweetness, and burnt aspects of the goat milk caramel accentuate the malty qualities

walnut and dried plum tart:

pair with: Easy Rider Brown

slightly bitter roasted walnuts accentuate the smooth nuttiness of this brown ale, while the sweet dried plums contrast the hops, to bring them forward.

ginger spice cake:

pair with: Ol’ Grandaddy’s IIPA

sweet flavors can ruin the enjoyment of this beer’s ibu count. spice and citrus should complement this difficult pairing: just roll with it.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES I know the best 5 Chef’s in NC…This guy is one of them. All this stuff was made from scratch…1000% Talent and produce that is what it takes and NC is coming on strong

Yep not my best photos; but the food

Chef ~Beau Bonham

Who put it together ~ Kristine Baker and her group is called Women’s Craft Beer Collective.

Also thanks to Booze brothers ~ Vista

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