Guahan Grill ~ Oceanside

Guahan Grill Logo copy

Guahan Grill is a family run restaurant that has been in business for about 5 years now. They serve Chamorro Cuisine which comes from the Mariana Islands. These Islands include the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam, where the owner’s family is from. It is located in the IHOP shopping center at  4259 Oceanside Blvd in Oceanside.

Chamorro cuisine has many influence ranging from Spanish and Filipino , which can be seen in the empanadas and Lumpia, to American influences like spam which was introduced to the Islands during WW2.


Lumpia ~ Ground beef, sautéed onions, cabbage, carrots, seasoning and soy sauce.

Note ~ My brother in-laws family is Filipino, so we have home-made lumpia at every holiday and family occasion. This is the best non-family lumpia I have tasted.


Combo plate ~ Fried pork ribs, Chicken kelaguen, red rice, empanada, and stir fried vegetables.

Note ~ Chicken Kelaguen is a Chamorro national dish, it is chopped barbecue chicken mixed with lemon, green onions and hot pepper. The best way I can describe it is the Chamorro version of Larb , but with a more citrus base instead of mint….think of if ceviche and larb had a baby.

Red rice is also a classic Chamorro dish, it is not like Spanish rice which gets the red color through tomato being added. It has a slightly nutty flavor.

If you want something a little different at a good price and large portions for what you pay, I would check them out.


Guahan Grill

4259 Oceanside Blvd Suite 104
Oceanside, CA 92056


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