Moving On From Just Covering Food ~Oceanside California

So when I originally started I was just covering food but then started getting involved with local artists and the local community as a whole. I think that is more important…to be honest. I have given a lot of my time to our main street organization and others. I think it is time to focus on the bigger picture which is what makes my city better because I really do care. The city is on the verge …and it is so close.There was not going to be any pictures in this post but …SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


These guys are doing things right.




In my opinion the best chef in NC (North County) proven again and again. Davin is on the right …Tommy is not too bad either:)

Chef Davin

I also want to call these guys out  because they know what they are doing.

Land and Water Company logo


and last but not least The Hill Street Country Club because these guys are Oceanside. I have done a number of events with them now (I provided the Chefs). These guys embrace the essence of community. We (and I conclude my self in that) are going to be the movers and shakers in Oceanside and beyond that North County.

Hill Street Country Club Banner

Chefs you should know

Davin Waite (Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub)

Beau Bonham (Just an insane freelance pastry chef and owner of the Truffle Trike)

Jason Connolly (Chef Bistro West ~ an incredible Chef)

and Chef Suzzane from Solterra Winery in Encinitas (sorry do not know her last name) but her food rocks. Try her octopus dish if it is on the menu.

Sorry more of a rant than a post…but I believe in this stuff.


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