Living Market ~ Living Tea Brewing Co. ~ Oceanside

So a friend of the site mentioned this new tea shop that was doing living tea (a version of Kombucha). The tea is probiotic and naturally carbonated. Kombucha touts many health benefits. Not getting into that I will just report on the brewery and tea room.

logo fin

Living Market sits on the corner of Wisconsin and Cleveland in a cute little store front.


While the back of the location houses the brewing the front serves a number of teas on tap, as well as tea leaves, other goodies , and even some vinyl Lps. Its a very eclectic little place with a really neighbourhood feel to it.

They serve a number of flavors on tap. That day there was Ginger, Sour Cherry, Dark Cherry Ginger Chai, pineapple, and a few others. I had the Dark Cherry Ginger Chai; which I loved.



Cool and eclectic


There is a little flower store connected to the building with some really cool arrangements.

The store front is a little hidden gem and I would seek it out if you have a chance. They are currently getting set to wholesale their teas to others so keep an eye out at the local coffee shops.

Living Market

Living tea brewing company
Brewery tea room

302 Wisconsin Ave.
Oceanside, ca



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