Masters Kitchen and Cocktails Pre-Opening Report ~Oceanside

I had the pleasure of touring the build out of Masters Kitchen and Cocktails today.

Masters logo

When I first heard about Masters it was last September.  I was very sceptical. I am very protective of Oceanside and the Chefs, Artists, and great people I know: Plus the cards were stacked against him opening in a building that was a Tire store, limited parking, horrible store front.


They did a great job on the front…it used to look like the store on the right.

It is lucky I like game because I kind of have to eat Crow now and do a (I was going to say a 180 but because I have not tasted the food a 175 is fair)

The building like I said was a Tire and Rim store. After talking to Ryan I learned he worked hard to keep a lot of the original building in place. I never set foot in that place when it was a tire and rim shop but somehow I think they had a drop ceiling and it did not look like this.


The space to me invokes what I like about design …open, craft, brick and wood. If I had to sight a San Diego restaurant design I would hold it up to, that would be Cowboy Star (not for the Accessories but for the actual design.) The space really does invoke northern California (at least for me).


Cowboy Star (best steak I have ever had)…mental note eat at Cowboy Star soon. (I love you 35 dry aged Rib Eye) Sorry:(

On to the concept.

I spoke with the Chef and was really impressed. The concept is California Bistro ( I know vague term but lets break it down over the conversation.) California Bistro means ~ there will be some Bistro staples but product will dictate the menu.

Bistro staples will include Charcuterie, Oyster of the day, Cheese plate. Pate, with a focus on small plates., 6 or so mains, salads, and a house burger dictated by seasonal ingredients.

With half the space dedicated to a great looking bar area, they have done what I think is smart, hold  micro-brew offerings to six taps featuring California-based brewers. That way you’re not competing with all the tap houses and breweries opening up but can still serve great beer and focus instead on a Craft Cocktail menu as their specialty.


Nice right? River stone bar, open, and  airy.


Front of bar with  6 taps. The boxes on the wall are lighted bottle display areas.

The restaurant seats 165 people with the other half dedicated to table seating so you get the best of both worlds. The center rather than divided with a wall is divided with a four-foot (that is a guess) division that will feature succulents.


Booths and table seating

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSemi-open kitchen (it had to be a glass window due to the roll up doors in the front entrance)

Masters Kitchen and Cocktails plans on opening late June. I want to tip my hat to these guys for realizing Oceanside and North County are ripe for this…and have been for a while.

Trust me more to come on these guys.

Masters Kitchen and Cocktails

208 S. Coast HWY.
Oceanside, CA 92054


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