Buffalo Wing Comparison ~ North County

I was in the mood for wings, so I hit up a few places around town and put them together with a few places I had eaten at before to build a little wing index.

This is not complete as I will add more places in the future and if you have any recommendations, let me know.pac man wings

A few things you should know; I personally believe the only way to get the perfect wing is to use the double fry method. The first time into the fryer should be at a lower heat to cook the wing. The second time the heat should be higher and the wing should be dropped in just enough to get that perfect crisp on the outside while keeping the meat moist and tender.

As far as sauce goes; I prefer traditional Buffalo Sauce. That being said, as long as it tastes good and the wing is cooked well, I’m down.

Wing VS Boneless Wing. I like both…yes wings are going to (if done right) be more juicy by the fact they are darker meat and are cooked on the bone, but again I am more interested in the over-all taste.

In no particular order

(OK.. it is totally in the order of how I thought they stacked up.)



Spicy BBQ Wings ~ That Boy Good’s wings were perfectly crisp and tender. The spicy BBQ sauce has just the right tang to it. They come in regular BBQ as well.

best a wan header


Peanut Butter Wings ~ Best A Wan Pizza’s peanut butter wings are coated in just that; peanut butter. Somehow it works. The wings are huge and cooked perfectly. They have other flavors of sauce as well.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThai Sriracha Wings ~ Slater’s 50 / 50 wings again delivered on the crispness and tenderness. The Thai Sriracha sauce could have used a little more heat….still a damn good wing.





Signature Buffalo Boneless Wings ~ PCH Bar & Grill’s Signature Buffalo boneless wings were good. Their sauce is one of the better versions of a Buffalo Sauce I have tried. They were out of regular wings at the time. Only draw back was the coating was a little overdone.

B Wild wings logo





Mango Habanero

Hot and Mango Habanero Boneless Wings ~ Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings were OK. The sauces were fine, the hot was a slightly more spicy version of classic Buffalo Sauce, while the Mango Habanero was quite spicy and because it was so sticky acted like napalm the way it coated your mouth and stayed. The let down was the boneless wings.They were too small and a little dry.

So there are my thoughts on my wing tour. I still have 3 places in mind next time I get the craving. If so I will continue the post.


That Boy Good BBQ

Besta Wan Pizza

Slater’s 50 / 50

PCH Bar & Grill

Buffalo Wild Wings



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