BLVD Chinese Kitchen / Sake Bar ~Coming Soon ~ Oceanside

This year is huge for the North County food scene. There are so many places opening in the next couple of months. The exciting thing is the Chef and food quality are setting new standards.

This one I’m really stoked about.

Going into the old Fish Joint spot, across from the Hill Street Cafe and next to Studio 514 (who will be co owners), is a restaurant called BLVD Kitchen / Sake Bar.



The space…

BLVD will be serving elevated Asian bar food infused with flavors and inspiration from other cultures.

An example of dishes would be smoked duck and prosciutto moo shu, tempura mushroom with chili salt, carne asada fried rice which will be served in a tostada bowl, and honey walnut shrimp potato salad with curry infusion.

Here is a little about the Chef Alfred J. Sheik

He was born in Hong Kong immigrated to the states as a child. Grew up in San Diego. His family took over a restaurant in 2006. “while none of us had any experience it was a struggle at first. Then I went to culinary school, ran the day-to-day at the family restaurant, and now we are able to open a place with some more personality. North County needs a good inventive Asian restaurant. We have two in Encinitas and a few good Pho places so this will be a great addition to Oceanside.

I have a good feeling about this 1) because I do know what I am talking about and 2) The experience and opinions of heavy weight Chefs and food industry people who know what is what.


…. more to come on this.

Those lamenting the closing of The Fish Joint need not. The two creative Chefs are now running the Sushi Bus and Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub. Viva La Sushi! (I don’t know if that even makes sence but it felt right)


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