San Diego Magazine Food Round Table Meeting

So, I was asked to sit on a round table panel for San Diego Magazine in order to give them feed back  on their food coverage. I was excited to have been given this opportunity and everyone at the magazine was great.

We toured their offices, got some history on the magazine and then sat down to discuss a number of topics. The topics ranged from what we wanted to see more or less of, to reviews, to how we felt about certain subjects.

I will just comment on a couple of things.

First; everyone agreed that a feature on behind the scenes of the industry and profiles, on not only chefs but bar tenders, waiters, etcetera was an idea that would be interesting to readers.

Second; featuring whole neighborhoods or areas;  what there is to do, where to eat, where to drink would be great.

Third: A big one was covering Tijuana, while I agree with this one, I think it’s great only if it does not take away from covering still overlooked areas of our county. I was also going to say a lot of other publications on-line and print have covered this. The reader (who had someone there have done this themselves).

I think, I may have ruffled a few feathers when introducing myself. I stated that I cover North County and consider North County to be Encinitas and points North, apparently there were a few people there who live in Del Mar  or Solana Beach. The following comment, or something like, it came up twice from others while they were speaking “where ever I live since it is not North County…..”.  I was going to clarify that this statement refers to media who think when they cover only as far as Del Mar or Solana Beach they are covering North County without stepping foot into Encinitas, Carlsbad, or Oceanside. Then, I was like F^&% it, I really don’t care.

It was a really good experience though. It will be interesting what becomes of it and how they implement the feedback.

I have always thought San Diego Magazine does a good job with their food coverage. After meeting them and dealing with the staff in person, I believe they are honest in their efforts to cover the culinary scene with integrity and remain relevant to both the industry and the public readership.

OK, so kind of boring since there were no pictures. Here is one from when I got of my train afterwards back in Oceanside.


San Diego Magazine


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