Local Tap House & Kitchen Launches Brunch (limited time) ~ Oceanside

Local Tap House & Kitchen launched their rehab brunch last Sunday. The great news, you get two drinks and one food item off their brunch menu for $20, The bad news is it will probably only last a few more weeks.


I guess they are taking the “hair of the dog” approach to rehab with the great drink offer.

I am not a huge brunch person but I will definitely check it out before it disappears.


Thinking of going for the LTH Chicken & Waffles. I already know a local restaurant who does a mean chicken an waffles (the name begins with T and ends with BG.) They are both different takes on the dish though, one being traditional southern and the other an “inspired by the classic” approach.

I shall report back with pictures but don’t wait as I said it’ll be gone soon.

They have also added a number of new items to their regular menu as well. The aforementioned chicken and waffles, a kale and quinoa Greek salad (which sounds awesome), and a 60/40 Frita Burger made with a chorizo and beef patty just to name a few.



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