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So, I came across Southern Snoballs because a Chef had said an Italian Ice place was opening up on Tremont street. Upon searching for it I came across a new business that serves a New Orleans specialty, Snoballs.

How does a Snowball differ from a snow cone or shaved ice? “The ice of a snoball is fine and fluffy while a snow cone’s ice is coarse, crunchy, and granular. Moreover, in a snow cone, the flavored syrup sinks to the bottom of the cup, while in a snowball, the ice absorbs the syrup.


Owners David and Rachel talking to a customer who lived in New Orleans as well.

Southern Sowballs is owned and operated by two Oceanside locals , David and Rachel Francoeur. Upon moving to Oceanside Rachel found she missed a lot of the New Orleans culture she grew up with. After David left the military they finally decided to go all in and bring a little of that culture here. They opened Southern Snoballs on July 18th.


The cute little building that houses Southern Snoballs.


David using the SnoWizard ice machine.

Snoballs originated in New Orleans in 1936. George Ortolano invented the first metal machine called the “SnoWizard”, which could be manufactured and sold. Southern Snoballs uses an authentic SnoWizard machine.


The Menu Board

They have 82 flavors available, these range from very traditional Nola flavors like Nectar Cream and Orange Dreamsicle to non-traditional like Red Velvet and Key Lime. They also have some hand crafted flavors such as Zephyr and Tidal Wave.


All the flavored syrups are made with alkaline water and pure cane sugar. The concentrates that flavor the syrups are made from real extracts to provide a true flavor.


A half and half Snoball; Sour Apple and Sour Peach. I loved this. I also had the Nectar Cream which is a New Orleans staple, it was great too, though a little more mild in flavor. there is no picture because I ate most of it before remembering to take one

You can get them plain, topped with a drizzle of condensed milk (I was told this was the standard in Nola) or served with soft serve ice cream in the middle.

I recommend checking them out for something traditional and a little different, perfect for an after dinner treat or on the way home or to the beach. I always go with “I deserve it damn it” excuse, it justifies anything anytime of day.

Southern SnoBalls
802 S. Treamont St.
Oceanside, Ca 92054


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