Fish Shop ~ Encinitas


So I was really excited about trying this place. They have a restaurant in Pacific Beach and were voted to have the best fish taco by somebody. I love fish tacos and fish and chips so it was right up my alley. I am actually going to go against my modus operandi and say it was kind of let down, Not enough for me to not mention it but enough for me to be kinda sad they did not live up to what I expected.



They took over the old St Germain’s place which closed after 30 years.

Note ~ Sorry for the lens flair…I could of photoshopped it out but its a B&^% to do.

Service was fast and efficient. Funny thing I just had a conversation with a chef about counter service, which is what this place does. One register at the counter and you seat yourself. This works fine for slower times, like the lunch I had, but does not fair well during a busy dinner service. What happens is the line moves faster than the kitchen; basically they get hammered with tickets and food times drop into the 20 min zone. Looking at their yelp reviews, this is the main complaint.

On to the food.


Lobster lumpia ~Fried lobster egg rolls served with jasmine rice and a sesame sweet chili dipping sauce.

I am kind of spoiled when it comes to lumpia due to my in-laws. That being said my problem was not with the execution it was with the filling. It could have been anything in there, bland and no Lobster taste at all.  The fail was not in the cooking it was in the recipe.


TKO Taco ~ Fresh Mahi Mahi grilled,shredded cabbage, mixed cheese, house white sauce, topped with a tropical salsa.

This was the redeemer a good fish taco and huge for $5. Only suggestion is go a little lighter on the fillers and let the fish (which was great) have more of a voice.

So in the end a mixed bag. I will probably go back and do a Fish and Chip crawl with Fish 101, harbor Fish and Chips, and The Fish Shop.

The Fish Shop
1010 S coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024


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