Mission Ave. Bar and Grill ~ Oceanside

I do a lot of research before eating somewhere, combine that with my years of experience and I usually have a pretty good Idea of what to expect from a place. I expected  Mission Ave. Bar and Grill to be good…It exceeded my expectations and moved into the “great” range of the scale.


Right on the heels of the completion of the Mission Ave. street project, Mission Ave. Bar and Grill opened a little over a week ago. located at 711 Mission Ave. the place tops off a trifecta of great additions to Oceanside along with LTH and Masters.


The interior is industrial in design but still manages to feel warm. Part of this is due to the roll up garage style front doors. The last three restaurants to open in Oceanside have this feature to some degree and Bagby will too. It’s smart, it fits the weather and beach community vibe of the area. I personally find it relaxes me for some reason.


The menu is New American / Gastropub / you get the idea, but it actually is a lot more than it reads.


Caribbean Jerk Flavored Wings

The Jerk rub on the wings was fantastic, complex with a mild spiciness and the perfect hint of citrus. These are tied as my favorite wings along with TBG’s spicy BBQ Wings. They use the same method of cooking the wings. The wings are first cooked in a lower heat to retain moisture (in the oven in this case and the Smoker in TBG’s) and then flash fried when ordered to finish them off and deliver a great crispness on the outside.

Note ~ they serve two dips along side the wings, a blue cheese and an onion, both are made in-house. They do not offer Ranch (which I applaud).



LAMB BURGER ~ Cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, feta, & a Tzatziki sauce.

Two words…Flavor Bomb. 8 oz of perfectly cooked Lamb (Med. Rare) with all the right complementing ingredients.

I was luck enough to hit them when it was slower and had a great talk with Chef Adam Griffin. He’s the real deal. All the items on the menu are his recipes. Locally sourced product and the majority of items made from scratch in-house.

He is going to hate me using this picture 🙂


Chef Adam Griffin…He didn’t close his eyes during the pic he actually fell asleep…Chefs get little sleep and seize any opportunity 🙂

I have so many new places to hit and I want to go back already, try their version of a Moscow Mule and have the Mango _ jalapeno wings (which while I was there everyone said I had to try).

Mission Ave. Bar and Grill
711 Mission Ave.
Oceanside, CA 92054


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