Sushi Bus ~ Kicking your Ass All Over North County

I had the pleasure of spending my afternoon at Surf Side Tap Room to check out the Sushi Bus. Before I get into that, I just want to tip my hat to Surf Side…I always respected them, and have posted about them in the past, this time I actually had the opportunity to sit down with the manager and owner and was blown away. If you have not stopped by please do…and there will be more coming about them in the future.


OK..back to the sushi Bus.

Loren Waite is the brother of Davin Waite who, if you know me, I love Davin and think he is one of the top Sushi Chefs in the Country. His brother is in the same league (btw this is the most stupid word in the english language) . I’m surprised they are actually brothers and not twins.

Long story short when the Fish House closed they went separate ways, Davin to a brick and mortar and Loren to a catering / Food Truck. In the long run its good for us because instead of being under one roof they get to spread the fishy love around.

Enough of that on to food.


Mexican Chronic ~ Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, sweet / spicy citrus sauce, jalapeno


Scottish Salmon Nigiri


Rock Star Dish  (My Title) ` Fried kale, green tomato, seared tuna, micro greens.

this is on par with anything you have eaten (it’s on par with anything I have eaten)


Sea Bass ( Bad Ass Sea Bass) ~  Nigiri, cactus sauce and sweet / spicy sauce. The big pieces are Sea Bass Collar (best part of the fish)

Chef ordered Halibut but was sent a 25 lb Sea Bass instead. He was going to return it till he saw the quality of the fish:)


The Boys ~ Chef Loren on the left and his right hand man on the right:)

If you get a chance follow these guys…you get to sit at a brewery and have insane sushi…really? who the F is going to complain about that.

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