Hole In The Wall Report ~ Mission Avenue Asian Market ~ Oceanside

Hole in the Wall

I was asked by someone through this site if  I knew any good Filipino places for Lumpia in Oceanside. I went to the expert on all things Filipino, my little sister, who recommended Mission Ave. Asian Market. She said; not only do they have great lunch deals, they also sell Lumpia by bulk and you can even order Lechon (Whole Roast Pig). We have had the Lechon before for special family dinners and it is fantastic.

The market / restaurant is located in an old strip mall off of Mission Avenue in the valley.


Mission Avenue Asian Market ~ Wedged between a Budget Rent A Car and an empty space.


Food is served cafeteria style. They have about 20 selections as well as a full but small Asian grocery section.

They were out of Lumpia, except for bulk packages. If I was Alanis Morissette I would say this was ironic…it’s not ironic; just unfortunate.


Bitter Melon ~ chicken broth, egg, shrimp, chicken.

Bitter Melon is an acquired taste, I love it. This is a very good version


Chicken Adobo

Usually served over rice or noodles. I just wanted a taste and the marinade is very good. Because this is cooked in large batches low and slow so it breaks down, be careful there may be pieces of bone.


Pancit Bihon ~ Rice noodles,soy, citrus chicken, onion, and carrot

Beef Steak

Both good versions of these dishes. the beef in particular.

If you like authentic simple Filipino food I would check them out and grab a bag of Lumpia to take home…or a whole pig.:)

Mission Ave Asian Market
3320 Mission Ave Ste L
Oceanside,CA 92054
at Roymar Rd in Oceanside


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