When Pigs Fly BBQ ~ Vista

When Pigs Fly sign

There are foodie moments…this was one of them. The best Tri Tip I ever had was at a gas station in Paso Robles sitting on the open tailgate of a truck passing around a wine bottle from a local vineyard. When Pigs Fly BBQ brought me back there.

When Pigs Fly BBQ is a BBQ joint in Vista attached to a Chevron station. It was started by husband and wife team Dave and Tammy who have been doing competition BBQ and catering since 2006. They out grew the home kitchen so they built this space.and North County is better for it.

When Pigs Fly 1

The style of BBQ is mainly Texas and Kansas City. Everything is smoked (they have a serious smoker which you’ll see in a second)

When Pigs Fly interior

This makes me so happy..you have no idea. This is the kind of place i want to bring Chefs to because they will understand.

When Pigs Fly bbq

Brisket, pulled pork, and mac and cheese.

The Brisket was lean with a true smoke ring around it, the pulled pork was probably some of the best I have had ( it had a sweetness..either from brown sugar or molasses . I asked but they were giving away no secrets) The BBQ sauce was i think tomato based with vinegar. The mac and cheese was insane. I’m not a mac and cheese guy and I tore through it 5 cheeses and perfect pasta.

When Pigs Fly meat

Meat, meat , meat , meat, glorious meat

When Pigs Fly smoker

and this bad boy an “Ole Hickory Smoker” you’re talking 10 to 11 grand new.

I would just go there. The true will sit and eat at the gas station…but I understand you can get take out as well.

When Pigs Fly BBQ
1211 E. Vista Way
Vista, CA  92084


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