North County Chefs’ Dinner After Report ” A Tease”

So, I will be doing a more comprehensive report but I could not resist posting something. The dinner was a huge success and we are already planning the next one. I want to thank everyone who attended, the Chefs, the wine maker, and the service staff for making it a stellar event.

Again just a tease I will be getting a ton of behind the scene pics and the rest of the menu.

Chefs Dinner 1st course

1st Course ~ Play on soup and salad

local yellowtail with ginger, golden beet, yuzu jello, cold soba noodle, charred savoy cabbage, toska seaweed, pickled padron peppers in tozazu, crispy shallots. Ghost pepper pumpkin soup with BBQ octopus.

Chef Davin Wait of Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub

Chefs Dinner 2nd course_

2nd Course ~ Heirloom Carrot 5 ways

Carrot tater puff, roasted, mousse, pickled, carrot top pesto

Chef Daniel Pundik of Local Tap House

Loved this, the roasted carrot was like carrot bacon, a very complex and beautiful dish.

Chefs Dinner 3nd course_

3rd course ~ Caribbean Jerk Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin, red onion, ginger cream, fried kale,spiced pear.

Chef Adam Griffin of Mission Ave. Bar and Grill

Chefs Dinner 4nd course 2

Chefs Dinner 4nd course_

4th Course ~ Snake River Kobe Beef Belly

Kobe beef belly, Japanese sweet potato, agnolotti, pickled kuri squash, maitake mushrooms, cured egg.

Chef Mario Moser of Flying Pig Pub and kitchen

I have never had beef belly (pork belly sure) I really liked how the pickled Kuri squash cut through the rich fatness of the beef.

OK, like I said the rest of the menu and tons of behind the scene pics to come.

Pictures by Allison Cotter

Host restaurant Masters kitchen and Cocktails

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