Blvd Chinese Kitchen and Sake Bar ~ Lunch Report


BLVD Chinese Kitchen and Sake Bar has been up and running lunch and dinner service for about two weeks now at 514 South Coast Highway (Next to Hill Street Cafe)

You can read all about the concept and Chef in my pre-opening report here.

I made my way into the Chinese fusion restaurant for some lunch this week.

BLVD Daily Menu

The Menu

The great thing about the small plate concept is it allows you to sample a larger range of the menu at a good price.

BLVD Daily Specials

Daily Specials

These are constantly changing and differ from lunch to dinner.

BLVD Wonton and Eggroll

Chinese Pulled Pork Roll and Kung Pao Wontons.

Both the Roll and Wontons were fried to order and came out crisp and piping hot.

The pulled Pork had a slight BBQ taste but not enough to be overpowering. I really enjoyed them. I only used the sauce provided on the little crispy corners of the wontons as both dishes were tasty enough not to need it.

Note ~ The usual order on these is bigger I just wanted to try both.

Wontons are 4 for $8 and the rolls are 3 for $8

BLVD Snapper Special

Red Snapper ~ Ginger Beurre Blanc.

This was a great dish, something I would expect to have at a white cloth restaurant or during a tasting menu. Perfectly cooked fish, crisp skin and flakey and moist flesh. The sauce was flavorful but not too strong or rich and the Bok Choy was perfect for mopping it up.

BLVD fried Rice Curry - Sausage

Fried Rice ~ Curry Pineapple W / Sausage

Nice fried rice, the rice was light and fluffy with a mild curry flavor. All the ingredients still had individual texture and flavor (the egg, veggies, sausage)

Pretty big serving, this would be ideal to split with an order or two of wontons or rolls for two people as a nice lunch.

Well there you have it. Very happy to have this restaurant join the growing family of places in Oceanside. Best way to experience the small plate concept would be to grab a couple of friends and order across the menu with some beer or some of their specialty Sake cocktails.

BLVD Chinese Kitchen and Sake Bar
514 South Coast Highway
Oceanside, CA 92054

BLVD Chinese Kitchen and Sake Bar

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