Banana Dang! ~ Oceanside

So, one of the things I love is talking to people who are passionate about what they do. Usually, its Chefs who can talk for hours about an ingredient or a meal,this time it was about coffee . Personally I am not a huge coffee drinker but I have the capacity just as with beer when I taste quality I can recognize it and I know when someone is the real deal, These guys are for real and deserve your time to check them out.

Banana Dang started out as a coffee shop in Rincon Puerto Rico by owners Thanh-Thanh “T2” Dang and Mario Jimenez.


The Rincon location.

After years of success they decided to move to the states and luckily enough they chose Oceanside for their new location. We have really been blessed over the last year to be attracting this caliber of people from the food industry.


The Oceanside location.

So, I am suffering a little bit of writers block (It’s always harder to write when I care about something.) So we are going with pictures:)


The shop.


Now for the process, and just want to throw in, sourcing local roasters (Zumbar, Lofty, Revolution). Every thing made to order (no coffee carafe).

OK, now the process.






Owner Mario looking very pleased with himself:)

In addition to coffee they served an array of banana based smoothies, fresh brewed tea and a food menu designed to complement the coffee choices. The Menu

Differently check them out and support them as they are going to be a positive thing for the North County food community.

Banana Dang!
115 South Coast Highway
Oceanside, CA 92054

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