New Gelato Place going in ~ Oceanside

I had heard about this from various people including the Realtor involved but actually saw proof of life today. A Gelato concept is going in at 224 North Coast Highway in downtown Oceanside.  A lot of questions are they making it on site? if not what quality level is the sourcing? I’m going to try to track those answers down. This could be really great. (I almost wrote really cool thankfully I caught that).



Lots of vacancies on this block at the moment. Hopefully we get some great places coming in. A nice boutique, maybe another craft food place in the old Spanky’s Pizza location and if Swami’s actually takes over the Gun Shop on the corner that would be cool. With TBG and Petite Madeline across the street and Barrel Republic coming in it will be a nice solid block for tourists and locals to visit when downtown.

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