Chasing The Dragon ~ Kombucha in North County

Kombucha is a lightly effervescent fermented drink of sweetened black and/or green tea that is used as a functional food. It is produced by fermenting the tea using a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or “SCOBY”.

Kombucha used to have a bad rap since most of it was made in jars by people who did not know what the fu@# they were doing. These days it is a scientific business aimed to produce the purist product possible. As much care and science goes into brewing Kombucha as beer and wine and the people doing it are equally involved and dedicated as the Brew-masters and Vinters in those craft industries.

As kombucha starts to show up on tap and bottles at not only coffee houses but bars and restaurants, people are starting to not only embrace it but seek it out. The industry side of the equation is starting to find new ways to incorporate and play with this new product. Mixologists are adding it to craft cocktails or combining it with beer. At our last North County Chefs Dinner, Chef Beau Bonham coordinated with a local Kombucha brewer to pair his deserts with a custom blood orange and hibiscus blend instead of a dessert wine or aperitif. That was my idea by the way

So while this movement is growing I was asked by a local Kombucha distributor kombutchaontap  who reps about 7 brands over 40 locations  if I wanted to do a tasting tour of various bars and restaurants in North County that are serving Kombucha and how they are using this product in different ways. I of course jumped at the opportunity.

What that led to was one of the best days I have had in a long while. I have to credit to Deanne from kombuchaontap for putting up with me. She got the full on me (which I have been told is kinda hard to take).

The day started at 83 Degrees. 660 Carlsbad Village Drive

83 ext

They serve two kombuchas ~ Living Tea’s Ginger and The BU’s Lavender.

83 menu

83 cocktail

The Kombucha Breeze

From there we went to Dany P’s

D's 2OK, side note, my house and the one I grew up in are blocks from here. These are my old stomping grounds and this was such a dive bar and Greenbrier was not a street to be around after dark. Now I think I found a new place to hang and play pool. Total change around.

D's twisted

Angry Orchard Cider and GT’s Ginger Kombucha

D's 3

GT’s Kombucha, Legacy Brewing’s Guava beer, and Angry Orchard Apple Cider.

After all that bottled Kombucha and Mexican food seemed like good call.

Primo’s Market. Dinner for two for $7.50 come on.


GT’s Trifecta Kombucha and kick ass street tacos. Really nothing more to say.

I love tea and Kombucha is tea taken to the next level. I am down with anyone who is passionate about the things they are doing and that is what really struck me on this day. This is the new industry..

If you have not tried Kombucha  …try it it is all around you and  kombuchaontap is great resource for where to find it. That is all I can say. I really want to look on back on this post in 3 years and see how far this industry has grown.

So links (and trust me no one pays me this is all just love)

The real authority on this


These guys are the big boys in the game GT


I really like these guys (drawn to the dark horse)


I have to mention Living Tea.  local boys…the sand box is big enough for everyone. I have to give a call out to Ryan Jubela …the guy could do anything he wants ans he is so supportive of the local community, as am I . Do not divide and conquer ,,,just conquer

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