Cyclops Farms ~ Oceanside

Farm to Table is an over used, over played phrase. I use it all the time and cringe when I do because I then have to explain it. When it is used the right way it is a testament to the ethics, care and sourcing of the Chef and the quality of the produce. Basically everything grown is Farm to Table when you think about it. The real thing is  the time-table from grower to plate that makes the difference.

All of this is no better capsulized than in the video link below.

Watch here.

The great thing is the implication and impact it will not only have on Oceanside’s food scene but north County’s in general.

So, I met Luke Girling about a year ago when I was asked to tour West farms in Carlsbad. I dragged along Chef Davin Waite and Chef Beau Bonham. You can see that article here.


West Farms March 11, 2014

Funny how things come full circle.

All this time later I get a message from Davin about Luke’s new project and I have been in full support from word one.

This time I invited Chefs Beau Bonham, Christine Loyola, and new friend and Chef Annalise Brolaski (trust me more to come on her later…up and coming superstar) as well as her father, who has an impressive background in farming in his own right. On the business side Leslee Gaul CEO and President of visit Oceanside (great organization BTW and true supporters of our city). also Tracey Bohlen was nice enough to take time out of her day as economic developer for the city of Oceanside to join the fun.

the gang

The Gang ~ Left to right, Farmer Luke, George (Annalise’s Dad) Chef Annalise, Chef Beau, Chef Christine, Tracey, and Leslee far right.

So the day started out at Luke’s Home where he has an impressive garden..


This is just the front yard.

front 2

More of the front patch.


Luke explaining his home garden and growing technique.

back 1

Luke’s backyard


Fresh Strawberries


Padron Peppers in the backyard greenhouse.

The new plot

The future home of Cyclops Farms. Already leased, the kickstarter campaign is killing it, myself and everyone I have involved is in.

You can be a part of this…if you can not donate spread the word…local, community driven…everything I love and work for.

Cyclops Farms

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