Sabai Sabai Thai Kitchen ~ Oceanside

The thing I love about running my own site is I can write about what I want to…and when I come across the real deal I can highlite it instead of being held down to who advertises (Eater SD) or how cool I think I am (SD Mag) Dog and Pony shows people….and I love dogs  and ponies:)

Like I said when I meet real people it makes me happy. The owners of Sabai Sabai are real people. True Thai food and they know what they are doing. This was actually my second time there and the food has been great both times.

I talked to them about Thailand, food and pretty much everything. The Chef is Thai as is his wife after coming to America they settled in Portland …which was great for food and their restaurant but his wife missed the beach. So they moved to SO. Cal. and opened Sabai Sabai..

Now pics.


You will see orange at 90% of Thai restaurants there is a reason, it represents Thursday and the god Bṛhaspati.



Thai Iced Tea


Thai Spare Ribs, Rice, and Thai Tea


I was asked if i wanted to have lunch with the Chef and Hostess…umm yes

“is this on the menu? No…it’s what we eat.” Tilapia in one of the best spicy broths I have ever had.”


The Chef just chowing down…when he is like “its good” yes its good dude it is fing great..

Can not say enough about this place.

Sabai Sabia Thai Kitchen
1906 Oceanside Boulevard, Suite J, Oceanside, California 92054

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