Introductions ~ Sheen Fischer Contributing Author North County Food

So my goal has always been to evolve North County Food. Start it as a restaurant and food website focused on North County from there start to include those behind the scenes Chefs, restaurant owners, suppliers into the mix of coverage. Finally moving on to executing and promoting live events with the same agenda of promoting North County.

My thought on how to take it from here and bring it to the next level was to make north County Food a collaborative entity, focused on the those things it was founded on but expanding them by bringing on others to shine even more light on what is going on in the North County Food Scene.

While I will always be editor, webmaster, contributing writer, this will, well what it will do is create more work for me, but it will also allow me to focus on sponsoring and holding more events of different styles. Art and food collaboration projects for example.

Just as I was contemplating this I was approached by Sheen Fischer asking if I would be interested in a collaborative writer for the site. I know Scheen through our mutual obsession with Wrench and Rodent and Chef Davin Waite’s Food as well as his support of all Northcountyfoods’ events. So it was perfect timing and as you read his first post you will see he is a great writer as well and fits right in style wise.

My next goal would be possibly add one more writer(maybe a beer person), a monthly blog by a local farmer I know, and a monthly Chefs’ thoughts.

I promise to share all profits (Sorry I’m laughing so hard right now, profits LOL…do not think for a second  Florida has the market covered on sink holes.) That should read, I promise to continue paying for the site myself and through the few ads we have while giving anyone content credit.

Here is a little about Sheen…

Bio – Sheen Fischer grew up in South Louisiana, a short drive south of New Orleans in a household full of great cooks, both male and female, and a short boat ride or hike away from the fresh seafood and game so readily available in the region. This early exposure to the spices and flavors of Creole and Cajun cuisine and the familiarity with farm to table preparations long before it became a trend created a foodie for life.
While playing a little game last year that Sheen’s wife and food adventure partner, Dee, created called “Something New”, the couple managed to dine at 190 new and unique restaurants in addition to their regular haunts, giving them the opportunity to eat, greet and meet food professionals from every niche of the industry. Both of their college aged children are working their way through school by working in the restaurant industry as well.
Eating with Sheen for the last few years has been accompanied by a couple of simple rules:
Rule One: Try Everything.
Rule Two: Do not touch your plate until AFTER the picture has been taken!

So you can read Sheen’s first post here.

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