Proposed Openings Around Oceanside ~ AKA Rumors

So a few of these are substantiated and some are through the industry grapevine. until the building permit or liquor license goes up I would treat them as “could be”. Though most come from reliable sources.

Downtown Oceanside.

O'side map 1 final

1. Swami’ plans to expand into the now vacant comic book store space adjacent to the current location.

swamis 1

2. Swamis’ has purchased the old gun shop and space next door (contradicts 1)

swamis 2

3. Barrel republic is opening one of two North County locations. Unlike their original PB location these will serve food. (confirmed construction underway)

4. Some sushi restaurant that is taking forever to build out. i know you can tell I’m excited about this one.

?. Map insert..I walked in on a meeting and have seen build out plans for a North County outpost of Heaven Sent Desserts in the old market near Harbor Freight tools. The building would contain a space for dessert and coffee with possible space for independent wine and cheese shop(s)

market pic

Middle Coast Highway

O'side map 2

1. An out post of Board and Brew is moving in and in addition to their regular restaurant will include a brewery, which is a first for their concept I believe.

board and brew

South Oceanside #1

1. An unknown, and new to the game, brewery plans to open in the Harley shop caty corner to The Privateer. They will not serve food.

Harley Shop

South Oceanside #2

O'side 4

1. Revolution Roasters will open their first coffee shop and eventually move their roasting facility to Oceanside. (Confirmed)

2. Urge Gastropub will open their next location (confirmed) They have been trying to team up with a brewer for a while and this space has enough room to serve as a brewery restaurant (unconfirmed)

So there you go possible and known goings on. Another busy year for Oceanside.

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