A Day to Remember

Congratulations, Davin and Jessica!

North County Food was created with the goal of highlight the growing culinary scene in North Coastal San Diego. This means featuring food related news and events as well as our local chefs and restaurants.

Wedding SetupI am hard pressed to think of any food related event bigger than celebrating the long anticipated union of two of the coolest souls that ever walked the face of the earth – Davin and Jessica Waite of the Wrench and the Rodent Seabasstropub in Oceanside.
Davin and Jess KissIt has been said that San Diego weather at its best is so perfect that it borders on the mundane. Let’s see…a mid-spring afternoon with clear blue skies, 72 degree weather, a light breeze blowing in from the Pacific Coast less than a mile away and our friends and extended family gathered to watch these two share their first kiss as a married couple. Yeah, mundane is not exactly the word that seems to capture the moment. Magical, special, perfect, genius…yes, we’re getting warmer…

Lalo, Brittany, Stephen GrossIt was a veritable Who’s Who of attendees at this gala, from suave Lalo without which the WnR wouldn’t function and his girl Brittany, to…”Who you gonna call?” – Yes, that is Michael Gross, Executive Producer of Ghostbusters!

Tommy Gomes“I’m just a simple fish salesman”, says Mr. Tommy Gomes of Catalina Offshore Products. Simply put, if you’re in any restaurant in town enjoying the freshest, tastiest fish you’ve ever had, Tommy probably sold it to them.
James Montejano +1Jedi Master to Chef Davin is Executive Chef James Montejano of La Valencia. He also made a heck of an MC at the festivities. It may be hard to make him out in this picture due to the brilliant glare cast by his significant other Jolanta.
pic 1Greatness travels in three’s, or so I’ve heard. Chef Christopher Logan is in the final run up to the opening of his newest gig at the Seven Mile Casino, while Chef Keith Lord of Wild Thyme is a fixture in the custom catering end of the San Diego food scene. Here they are chatting with our own NorthCountyFood.Com founder Christopher Messenger.
Pat and DevonVisitors to the Wrench and the Rodent will certainly recognize Pat and Devon. Yes, they smile like that all the time!
Yancy, RJ, FordThese guys. They started at 7:00 a.m., unbidden, making the sushi and fresh offerings that all of the guest enjoyed. Yancy, R.J., Ford and Leo. They weren’t supposed to work, they were supposed to be guests. What Love. What Loyalty. What Dedication. What a wedding present!
Tori and AlexTwo more of WnR’s best. Tori and Magic Alex are as capable and indispensable to the Wrench and the Rodent as they are adorable.
Daniel and Jordan PundikI managed to sneak up all Ninja Paparazzi style on this group sitting off by themselves. It is tough to escape fame. Renowned chef Daniel Pundik of the newest fixture in O’side, Local Tap House and Kitchen, and his effervescent wife Jillian are pictured here along with his brother Jordan (who sings in a band or something) and Jordan’s exhilarating wife Mandy.
Stephen Reyna PrivateerWhen I asked Chef Stephen Reyna of The Privateer if I could do a profile, I didn’t realize he was going to take it so literally… I got his good side!
Stephen Gage and JenStephen Gage, with La Valencia through the end of the week, then moving on to the soon to open Blush in San Diego, may have the most anticipated billet in the San Diego restaurant world. But, clearly, Jen steals the spotlight here…
Tony & MyraAt this celebration, you were as likely to dine with patrons of all of the aforementioned establishments as with the Chefs that run them. Tony and Myra are legendary fixtures at WnR.
Davin Jess GarterI had no intention of getting too personal with this post, but, seriously, how can I not post this picture?
Davin throwing GarterThe festivities continued into the evening…
Crowd Being MerryAll were merry…

Band and ToddlerThe band played on, entertaining even the toddlers…
Sunset…and the sun set on this day for the sole purpose of dawning again tomorrow on a world made better by the union of two of my favorite people ever. Long life and love, Davin and Jessica! Cheers, my friends.


Words and Photos by Sheen Fischer

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