Vigiluccis’ ~Market in Carlsbad





Vigiluccis’ Market in Downtown Carlsbad.

This is just my impression of the Vigiluccis’ Market not the restaurants…that impression is an A+

vig ext

On a day like this one sit outside.

So everything here is the real deal. Meaning imported and expensive but you are getting quality. The thing is if you get a sandwich or a lunch special you are getting that same product at a steal. The same meats that are in your sandwich that stand alone at $29.99 a LB are a fraction of that cost.

OK, the market

vig case




Mortedella for Ian and yes I had some and it was glorious.

pata negra

Pata Negra ~ Acorn fed Spanish ham.

OK break down ~ just like there are grades of Tuna there are grades of Spanish ham. This is the Japanese Fish market version of Ham. At $129 a LB it’s about right for that particular piece.

Now on to what I could afford to eat.

sandwich special

sandwich special close up

The Daily special sandwich and salad  $12

Focaccia, Italian ham, tomato, arugula, portobello, robiola cheese, pink sauce.

first off the bread was first class as was everything. This is the kind of stuff that makes me happy.

If you’re in Carlsbad these are two of the places i would go for lunch based on what you want.

Craft Burger

300 Carlsbad Village Dr #120
Carlsbad, CA

Vigiluccis’ Market

2943 State Street Suite 102
Carlsbad, California 92008

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