Restaurant News, Expansions, Updates, and New Announcments ~ Oceanside

Well the biggest news is the planned expansion of Wrench and Rodent Seabasstropub. According to Chef Davin Waite; September will see W & R take over the adjacent Bull Taco space and open an “off the wall noodle shop and Izakaya” restaurant. They will also take over the rear patio and old Beer Brewing Co. building located back there. The previously mentioned bull Taco will be relocating down the street to a larger building.


Bull Taco and Wrench and Rodent

map 1815

The layout currently.

Some update News

Urge Gastro Pub will have a brewing facility on site when they open in the old Adventure 16 building on the corner of Vista Way and Coast Highway later this year. They will brew their own IPA style beer as well as feature 40 others on tap.

brewery-collageUrge Gastro Pub location

The old “gun shop” on the corner of Mission Ave. and Coast Highway was bought by the owners of Swami’s Cafe. the building will be converted into one of their Honey’s Bistros. Supposedly there is a difference between the two concepts but it is slight. Both serve a lot of the same dishes and work off a counter service model. They are trying to get a full liquor license which would set them apart and perhaps add another late night option other than Harney Sushi Downtown. The old Swami’s up the street is staying as far as I know.


Ye Ole’ Gun Shop, soon to be Honey’s Bistro (actually not too soon because rumor has it the full liquor license is running into zoning issues).

New News

Belching Beaver is planning on opening a brewing facility in Oceanside. They need to expand as they are experiencing a growing demand for their product. At first the facility will be production only but eventually will house a tasting room.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant News, Expansions, Updates, and New Announcments ~ Oceanside

  1. They’re knocking out the interior demo of Johnson’s Sporting Goods so they don’t seem to be letting up. Do you know if they plan to use the adjacent spot just north that used to be an electronis store/laptop repair shop with the roll up door as an open area?

    • They are using the old laptop store space, not sure if it will be open air or not. Build out is going to take time though as it was not a restaurant before (hence zoning issues) so no grease trap no vents, going to need a new sprinkler system and everything else plus just getting signed off on everything. I would say that is a 5 month build out. Late September-October maybe?

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