Comings and Goings ~ More Downtown Oceanside News

Keeping up with the changes in downtown is getting to be a daily thing almost these days.

First, at 408 mission Ave., which hosted a bike rental store for a brief period of time, a new loose leaf tea store will be going in.  The company Loose Leaf Blends will open their first Tea Bar. The company specializes in loose leaf teas and has been around since 2008. Till now they have been sold on-line, at Farmers Markets, and Whole Foods locations.. Looking at their website it looks like they create a great product and it is cool they picked Oceanside for their first brick and mortar location.

losse collage

408 mission Ave. Oceanside

Down a few store fronts, The Long Boarder Cafe is gone, rumor has it a new tenant is already set up to take over the location. Hopefully something cool and interesting comes in to replace it.


Please don’t be an IHOP.

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