Golden Coast Mead ~ Oceanside & Julian


Mead (/ˈmiːd/; archaic and dialectal “medd”; from Old English “meodu”) is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with various fruits, spices, grains, or hops. (Hops act as a preservative and produce a bitter, beer-like flavor.)

Golden Coast Mead is located at 4089 Oceanside Blvd Oceanside, CA. The mundane exterior  of the business park location does well to camouflage what lies within.

GC Mead

Happiness awaits around the corner….that was probably not the best phrase to use.

Tasting MenuThe tasting room.

The place had a very welcoming vibe to it. The staff was knowledgable and engaging. There was a good mix of regulars and me but I still felt very comfortable and at home.


The pricing of the product was very fair. Best way to begin is with the tasting flight…and then end up leaving with $75 dollars in bottles like I did.

Tasting FlightThe tasting flight from left to right. California Oak, Speak Easy, Orange Blossom, and The Sour.

Every one of these was great. The two hands down stand outs for me were The Sour and the Orange Blossom….not the one in the flight, let me explain. The one in the flight was fermented when the local temperature was higher in humidity producing a slightly heavier and sweeter version.. The original one, which they were happy to break out and sample, held the same notes but was over all lighter in body.

OG OCThe Original Orange Blossom. I liked this one better, the lady next to me prefered the other.

The  Guys

Frank Golbeck (right) and his great crew.

leaving sign

“They sat long at the table with their wooden drinking bowls filled with mead”                  The Hobbit ~ J.R.R Tolkien

So at the top of the page I posted the definition of what mead is. I would suggest talking to Frank at Golden Coast though and have him tell you about it and how he discovered his passion for the honey beverage.

“Hey Chris isn’t that what your supposed to do on this site?” Two things it is way more fun to visit Golden Coast Mead and hear it from him and secondly their mead is 10.5 to 12% ABV and by the time I was done talking to him and sampling  I was feeling pretty happy and not taking as many notes as I normally do. Now, I have an excuse to go back and you have one to go:)

Golden Coast Mead

4089 Oceanside Blvd Suite H

Oceanside, CA


4470 Julian Rd
Julian, CA

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