50 Shades of Red Dessert Dinner Recap

A year ago if I had said you would be in Downtown Oceanside, three blocks from the beach on a Thursday night, attending a sold out dinner, not only featuring three of the best Chefs’ in North County, but with the majority of the produce being grown within three miles of said restaurant at an organic farm, Oh and it was going to consist of all desserts…what you would have said was probably something along the lines of “sorry sir I don’t have any change” and moved along.

Well the above scenario is exactly what went down Thursday night at Petite Madeline Bakery and Bistro.

This is North County Foods’ 4th Chefs Dinner. The other three were held at Masters Kitchen and Cocktail and featured between six and five Chefs. The concept behind these dinners is to not only introduce people to whats going on here but get them to experience other Chefs’ food and discover new things.


Petite Madeline Bakery and Bistro..dinner kicking off.


The Chefs. Annalise Brolaski, Beau Bonham, and Ian Smith. Goofballs but happy Chefs make happy food.

A little about each Chef..not so much a resume but how I know them and why they were involved.

Annalise Brolaski. Annalise is a Pastry Cook at Cucina Enoteca in Del Mar. I learned about her through Mai Cao at Chefs’ Roll (Linked In for Chefs). I was looking for a strong female Chef for my next event and Mai suggested her. I highly respect Mai and her opinion, so I reached out to Annalise. I did some research and was impressed, I was putting together a tour of Cyclops farms (more about them in a bit) and invited her along. I was in shock here was this incredibly talented Chef with a great attitude and 21 years old. I was blown away. She is one to watch by 24 she will have her own place and I would bet national recognition,…regional for sure.


Annalise’s Dish ~ Citrus Shortbread, Strawberry Grand Marnier Sauce, Honey Comb, Basil (red local basil which is incredible), Meyer Lemon Curd, Strawberry Honey Sorbet, Local Bee Pollen.

This was my favorite dish of the night..we are talking splitting hairs between choosing between them but her dish was spot on all the way.

Beau Bonham. Beau is not only someone I consider a true friend he is one of the most talented Chefs I know. I first met him when he was at Petite Madeline as the Pastry Chef. this was just a “This is Beau” kind of meeting. A while later working with Wrench and Rodent Chef Davin Waite said “This guy Beau is really talented and does truffles on the weekends here with his cart”. I stopped by and started talking to him. The guy knows his stuff. After that we did an Art opening together and he started working as a chef at Frazier Farms in Oceanside. Shortly after that he got a part-time job at Masters Kitchen in Oceanside and they quickly knew what they had on their hands and brought him on full-time. He has been involved in 3 of my last Chefs dinners and will shortly be in his own place once the timing is right. I do not know what concept he will go with but every one he has told me I would line up for.


Beau’s Dish ~ Strawberry and Pecan Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow, Milk chocolate and Strawberry Truffle, White Chocolate and Avocado Strawberry Bon Bon, Fresh Strawberry Salad, Yogurt, Cocoa Nibs.

The crafting of the chocolate on the White Chocolate Bon Bon was on par with any Chocolate in the world. Perfect crisp, perfect texture, perfect flavor. There is no room for improvement on that. The chocolate Marshmallow was my favorite though..the strawberry dust was a genius touch.

Ian Smith ~ So I met Ian before I met Ian…I stalked him, sort of, for a while. Beau (from above ) facebooked about Swoon Dessert Bar in North Park. I started looking a his weekly menus and dreamed of making it down there. Sad enough  they closed before I could make it. While trying to find Chefs for one of my dinners beau suggested that Ian might be available. I recruited him for my third Chef dinner and he impressed all the other Chefs so much he was offered three jobs. Because of politics and not wanting anyone to get butt hurt, I will not mention who they were but it was the best of the best in SD. He chose Petite Madeline because that is where he thought he could have the most creative control. We are very lucky to have a chef of his calibre in Oceanside.


Strawberry and Basil Tres Leches ~ Ghost Pepper Strawberries, Marscipone Whip, Cake Crumb.

A play on Halo Halo this dish got more complex as you ate it. Great way to start the dinner.


This was Ian’s version of an intermezzo…it was another dessert and my second favorite thing of the night.

Mango, Strawberry, goodness.

Crap! I’m at 817 words and still have more people to talk about.

This is what I’m going to do …the other people you are going to be hearing more about anyway.

I do just want to call out Banana Dang! and Living Tea Brewing Co. (If you have not visited them your only hurting yourself) The only real coffee-house in Oceanside (yep I said it) and the only local  brewer of Kombucha in North County and I believe San Diego.

and of course Cyclops Farms and farmer / owner Luke Girling…but just two words Farm Dinner…stay posted.

This in the end is a very strange post for me because the subject is near and dear to my heart. I work on these dinners for months, This is as close as what I would say  to someone in person about the dinner and those involved. (though there would be more swear words)

Thank You for your support and attending:)

Photos By Sheen Fischer and Participants.

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