Spicy King ~ Vista ~ if this were Yelp ~ and my breakfast.

This will be a short but interesting post ( well interesting to me), I’m in a writing mood, so I kind of had to combine things to get a full post out of it.

First Spicy King. I have tried to eat at Spicy King twice before, the first time I was side tracked by discovering “When Pigs Fly BBQ” in the same strip mall and a second time I was foiled by the fact they are closed on Tuesdays, strange day to be closed.

Finally made it over.

spicy king exterior

Spicy King ~ 1233 E Vista Way, Vista

The interior is clean and very 80’s / 90’s American Chinese Restaurant.

spicy king interior

Spicy king does Chinese Cuisine and Spicy Szechuan Specialties, as well as Chinese North Favorites. There was a change in owner ship late last / early this year and the new Chef is from  Sichuan.

The menu is very extensive and the English translations do not give full description of the dishes. There is a heat meter based on stars with no stars being not spicy to two stars being the most spicy.


Won Ton Tossed with Chili Sauce

I love Won Tons, these were made in-house and cooked to order. The chili sauce did provide heat in the back of your mouth after eating but I would say it was mild, though I have a very high heat tolerance. I liked that the Won Tons were cooked like pasta should be, just slightly Al Dente. The portion could easily be split by two people. I ended up eating the dozen.

fried pork chop

House Special Spicy Pork Chop

This is where not knowing Chinese  failed me, I was expecting a pan-fried pork chop similar to those at Vietnamese restaurants (this was my fault) This dish was Pork Chops fried in a spicy batter much like fried chicken. The pork was moist and the batter crispy so the dish delivered on what it was supposed to be. This dish would be good if you were eating multiple plates with others to share, by itself it was kinda of a lot of fried pork.

See, I know this is on me (this is where Yelp comes in) If this was Yelp, and I was not me, I could easily see the review being ( it helps if you read this as a 20 something over privileged girl from LA..its more fun) ” I ordered the house spicy pork chop and it was not what I was thinking, it was a fried pork chop 1 Staaaaar.” This is the same person who writes reviews like “We went to the new super popular restaurant on Saturday night at 8pm and could not find street parking, then they made us wait in the bar because we didn’t have a reservation. One Staaaar” I won’t go into Chowhound:)

So, I will go back and try some other dishes like the Chefs’ Special Green Beans, and Clay Pot Beef to get a better over all feel.

The go to for Chinese in North County is BLVD Chinese Kitchen right now (and deservedly so due to the quality of food Chef AJ is putting out of his kitchen) but I would like to find a close second. I have tried about 5 others in North County and there are reasons they are not mentioned here.

My breakfast

I just want to shout out this dish because it was so good.

petite 1

Heirloom Tomato Tartine ~ Lemon cucumber, red onion, arugula, Andouille sausage aioli, dill and  feta yogurt sauce on house made rustic bread. @ Petite Madeline

This was a 9 out of 10 dish. The best yogurt sauce I have had, the feta added the perfect amount of salt to the dish. It would have been a 10 if the bread was toasted more to add textural contrast.

So, that was my day and my ramblings:)

Spicy King

1233 E Vista Way
Vista, CA 92084


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