Feast ~ Oceanside…Mission San Luis Rey Parish



The mission built June 13, 1798 by Padre Fermín Lasuén, and was the eighteenth of the Spanish missions established in California.


The crowd. This was pretty early on it probably tripled by the time I left.

So,  I almost did not go to this event…I was like first year blah, blah. Glad I did.

You know the term eating crow?…it means sucking it up because you have to realize you are an idiot…well not you …me.

Hey can I share something with you…when I do not know how to punctuate  (…..) are my friends….OK back on track (see what I did there:) This becoming way to smug.

I need to give a total hug to Chef / Owner Christine of Petite Madeline for inviting me. Thank You so much.


Salmon mousse croquet. Petite Madeline.

ptm 2

Mission Avenue Bar and Grill’s offering… really good.


Panca doing what they do best…seafood. Ceviche. The balance of acid was perfect. If you have not eaten Chef Iole’s food you are cheating yourself.


The Privateer. The vegetable whisperer brought meatballs and sold out before I could try them. He owes me a text when his pork chop shows back up on his Menu.


So, I have to give these guys a shout out. Local  90% proof moonshine distilled in coffee barrels. This was so good it scared me.



Mario and T2..the most gracious and beautiful people you will meet. Owners of Banana Dang! Coffe in Oceanside.


Well, like I said, most fun I have had in a long time.

I was going to do a whole bunch of links but they are pretty much right here.



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