Oceanside ~ One year later~ Masters.

Pics at the end I just need to get this out.

So, a year ago Master Kitchen and Cocktail opened. This was a time I can look back at statistics and see things and places were going on and Oceanside was on the verge.

In a very short period of time 3 places opened up. The reason Masters is important, and always will be, is because of the owner Ryan.



Virgin territory:)


I was just a fledgling then, had just had this site for about a year (do not make do math right now) had also just gone through the ringer with a multi million dollar corp. about trying to do Chefs’ dinners. I knew masters was opening (at this time probably a few months out) I was walking by and asked if the owner was there.

Ryan walked up introduced himself….long story short…I introduced myself, said “hey this what I am trying to do” He did not say “let me think about it, let me see, he just said yes.”

You do not know how much that one thing made a difference, in not only my life but the food and culture scene of Oceanside.

So, remember that long story short thing? guess it is going to be a little longer:)

Yesterday was Masters one year anniversary. I walked by twice getting on the way to business meetings, and the place was full. The bar side is always ful,l they employ some of the best bartenders in the industry.

Another thing about Ryan,  from the first day I met him he was all about his team, as a project lead I was lucky enough to have a great boss (Hi Marc) and a great crew and it was always my point to be a mentor…Ryan has the same attitude.Oceanside, while being home to over 100,000 people is still a small town..lots of cat fighting and everyone knows everyone. I have never heard a bad word about Ryan. That says a lot.

So my point is, this is the tip of the spear. Big things are coming. Honestly we still need to work on service issues, not just in NC but in all of San Diego., but if that is the worst of the worst we are in a good place.


Birds eye view full house.


The “Wing Man” …again great bar staff.

So, While it is not a post so much about food, it isabout a milestone…and I will defend that till my grave.


.Enjoy the success and see you on the second one.



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