Growing Local With Luke Girling ~ Cyclops Farms Oceanside

Breaking Bad - Growing Local

So, here is our second up date from Cyclops Farms and Luke Girling ( I just call him farmer Luke)

So, it has been about a month since our last report; the weather has been hot, then overcast and humid, then overcast and mild. Has this impacted planting and how things are growing?

My biggest concern has been the humidity and moisture in the air. Disease is dancing around these parts! Some plants have suffered while others have held strong, its always a learning thing. I think we may be ok since we got our plants in kinda late, we will soon see!  


I know you have a lot more plants in the ground now, tell me what you have done.

Well we have been planting daily, a great mix of veggies and flowers! A few varieties of tomatoes were planted a couple of weeks ago and that snowballed into the cut flowers, lemon and slicing cucumbers, padron peppers. purple tomatillos. mixed summer squash, habaneros, shishito peppers, and jalapenos. Next up this weekend is a ton of basil, melons, winter squashes, corn and carrots. I am feeling a little behind but we are giving it a go, the field will be full soon!



Baby Peppers and Herbs.

It seems like most of the red tape paper work side of getting Cyclops Farms up and running is done and now you into the part of farming you love. Also someone got a certain certification just a week or two ago tell me about that.

 Yes!!!!!!! We just received our organic certification through CCOF! Pretty good feeling to put all that work into it and finally receive the cert and paperwork! Aside from the physically demanding  part of farming, the darn paperwork has my head spinning. The only real reason why the progress has happened so smoothly is because my wife is good at keeping up on those kinda things.  


Can I say Fuck yes?…yes I can I own the site:) but really the city and everyone involved has been really supportive.

So, besides making sure everything grows what is the next goal?

The next goal for Cyclops Farms is to finalize the approval from the city for the on site farm stand, build it and start selling direct! We will be open on a weekday afternoon and a mid day weekend but not sure of times and days as of yet, but very excited to watch it evolve. Until then its….. Plant plant plant!!!!!

I think North County Food is going to involved in the above project (I actually know we are)

Another great day with luke. This is the start of your food and there is a man, who is serious, dedicated, and giving his all to making sure something like this happen in Oceanside.

One thought on “Growing Local With Luke Girling ~ Cyclops Farms Oceanside

  1. YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!! Cyclops Farm is yet another jewel in Oceanside’s well deserved Crown of Phoenix award. So much heart and determination has gone into planting the seeds and nurturing the life force that had been dormant for so long and now it is blossoming! The “Dragon of the North” has risen from the ashes and she is kicking ass!!!

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