Anniversary ~ Look Back and Look Ahead

So, North County Food was created out of what I saw as a need in the lack of food coverage in North County by the food media of San Diego. North County Mainly meaning Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Encinitas. It was spawned out of my desire to address this issue while I was spending time in the Hospital 2 years ago in August getting diagnosed with heart disease. Kind of a re-evaluate what you want to do with your life moment.

Since its start-up I have had 75,000 views and held 4 successful Chef dinners in Oceanside. I am pretty proud about what I have created but recently, mainly due to health reasons, and partly due to trying to broaden the scope of the site into art and other areas, I feel I let things have slipped that I should not have.

Luckily I have had good (well better health news). I plan to be back hitting hard the second week of August so hang in there. You guys have been very loyal and the numbers prove it.

I have received a lot of feed back and have taken it to heart. Sometimes it takes a slip up to get you refocused.

I will be covering the North County food scene only as that was my initial intent and by feed back what is wanted. (there may be slight exceptions to that but it will be rare.)

So, again thank you.

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