Good On YA Deli & Better Buzz Coffee ~ Encinitas

Good On Ya deli has had a place in Kerny Mesa since 2001, they recently opened a location is Encinitas. They are a straight forward Sandwich shop that uses organic, non-GMO ingredients.


GoodOnYa ~ Encinitas

I love a great sandwich, they are simple things that can be heavenly. Saying a sandwich is just something between bread is like saying War and Peace is just words on paper. Like any great dish it’s about the balance of ingredients and how they play off each other.
Good On Ya makes a really good Sandwich.


Cold Pressed Ice Coffee

I love ice coffee and cold pressed makes all the difference in the world.


Roast Beef Sandwich #1 on Sourdough ~ Roast Beef, Jersey Cheese, Mushrooms, PK Mayo, Tomato – Grilled

Every ingredient was top-notch and fresh, though not cheap my Sandwich and Iced Coffee ran $17 total.

Better Buzz Coffee, a San Diego based coffee roasting company, recently opened their Encinitas location on Coast Highway. Man the place was blowing up and running like a well oiled machine. It had a polished feel without feeling like a Starbucks, you could just tell they were delivering a good product. They are at ground zero for coffee places being in Encinitas but they are going to be fine even with all the competition.

buzz ext

Better Buzz Coffee, Encinitas. Nice open feel

buzz int

buzz counter

These pics do not show it much but it was slammed the whole time I was there.

buzz menu


Just having a coffee earlier I opted for the Pink Dragon Smoothie, probably tied with my favorite smoothie ( Purple haze at Banana Dang!)


Pink Dragon Smoothie ~ totally forgot what was in it but it was really good and all organic.

If you’re in the area check them out even just to see how a busy business should run.


1051 South Coast Hwy 101,
Encinitas CA 92024
(Just north of J Street in Downtown Encinitas)

Better Buzz Coffee

578 S. Coast Hwy 101

Encinitas, CA 92024

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