Privateer Coal Fired Pizza (Re-Visited) ~ Oceanside

So, I have written about Privateer Coal Fired Pizza before and also have said it is kind of hard to go back to places while trying to find new ones for the website. The loop-hole is having dinner with friends who have not been there…it justifies it for me, which I have to get over because great food is great food.

privateer oven

Coal and heat, where the magic happens

I always say when speaking about Privateer that their pizza is good but have a vegetable dish. Chef Stephen Reyna is “The Vegetable whisperer” and proved it again last night. The pizzas were on point too, this was a very good meal.

privateer coli

Spicy Cauliflower ~ This is such a great dish it almost tastes like a Thai dish

privateer sicilian

Sicilian Pizza ~ Olives, anchovies, and added mozzarella

an extremely well-balanced flavor bomb. Real anchovies are the shit, forget memories of the canned crap if you can get real ones they are things of beauty.

privateer mario

Mario photo bombing his Margarita Pizza

privateer dang

People I love ~ “Ton Ton” just so you know how to say it and Mario owners of Banana Dang!

privateer gang

Charlie Owner of Privateer, T2, and Mario

Privateer just go…and order a vegetable dish:)

Privateer Coal Fired Pizza

1706 S. Coast Hwy.
Oceanside, CA 92054

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