Pho Kitchen ~ Oceanside

So, Pho places, like sushi places are everywhere these days and as is true with both most are just OK, so it is nice when you come across a true gem.

Pho Kitchen is very new, they opened on the 25th of July.

pho kitchen

Pho Kitchen ~ 4121 Oceanside Blvd. (same shopping center as Chipotle and Panda Express)

pho kitchen int

Very clean interior. Talking with Josh the Manager they wanted to have traditional Vietnamese food but in an updated setting. The staff was very nice and informed. While I was there they did a lot of take out business which is a good sign.

pho kitchen lemonade

OK, we have to talk about this. First off I love lemonade, I was craving lemonade when I came here (not sure if that was going to go well with pho but I can always palate cleanse with water)

That right there my friends is the best drink (alcoholic or non alcoholic) I have ever had. Water Melon and mint lemonade…no you do not understand. It is just watermelon, fresh lemon juice and mint in a blender no sweetener. It still had the pulpy feel of the watermelon…you do understand what I do on a daily basis how much food I have eaten how many drinks I have had…I do not pull that card very often but this drink is fucking genius. They are going to do a mango version soon and I will be back for that. killed two of these by the way.

pho kitchen pho 2

pho kitchen pho

Pho #2 Filet, tripe, brisket, love

Really good Pho, nice broth, great noodles, and perfect meaty parts.

I would say as of now this is the best Pho in Oceanside. I think it breaks down Pho Kitchen, Mr Pho (bomb cheap Bahn Mis) and Pho Oceanside (because of that pork chop) and I would put Pho Lee in Escondido in there too.

Pho Kitchen

  • 4121 Oceanside Blvd
    Oceanside,CA 92056

They have a web address but it did not come I said still new

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