Oysters, Clams, and Chef Talk ~ Kings Fish House Carlsbad

So I got to spend the night with Christine Loyola Chef Owner of Petite Madeline Bakery and Bistro in Oceanside talking shop life and all things fun.


So, lets talk oysters because I’m very serious about them. It is one thing when a restaurant thinks they are serving oyster (mainly blue points and Kumamotos) just so you know Kumamoto oysters are what the California burrito is to Mexican food…what people who do not know eat.Same with Blue Points.

Oh, it gets more harsh…Warm water oysters are trash . That is why they are served in shot glasses during happy hour with crap beer and lime and hot sauce.

Now on to Kings, I am a true champion of the non-chain restaurant but kings is the right kind of chain 11 locations across southern California, plus 2 high-end expense account restaurants called Water Grill in LA and SD. What they do really well is source their oysters. The menu changes daily based on supply. The other thing they do is employ people who know how to shuck said oysters.

We did a dozen sample platter


Oysters explained 12 O’clock counter clock wise in sets of 3.

Eld Inlet, Wasington

Thorndike Bay, Washington

These are actually the same species of Oyster but the Thorndike due the enviroment were “meatier” While the Eld Inlet were more subtle.

Rappahannock, Rappahannock River Virginia

Island Creek Duxbery, Virginia

Again same species of east coast oyster and different taste.

I think the winner was the Eld Inlet in the long run…but all were great.


Wild Littleneck Clams, NY

Great clams and broth…the kind you soak up with a mop and bucket.

Service was Eh but non a non issue.


Chef eating Sourdough with butter and shaved horse-radish. She is a baker so if she likes the bread it is probably good.

Great night had fun and ate great seafood…life is good.


Kings Fish House

5625 Paseo Del Norte

Carlsbad, Ca


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